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Aerial Utility Inspections

Fenix I.S.R. has two sUAS (drones) that we use for Aerial Utility Inspection. The Sky Ranger is our primary system for transmission, distribution, generation, storm assessment, mapping, and GIS services. The Sky Ranger will fly, on average, for 40 minutes with a payload. We bring additional, fully charged batteries with us to allow for nearly continuous flight as battery swaps take only minutes to perform and take off again.

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Storm Services

Working in every state that is east of the Rockies, we know about storms. We deploy our systems to a storm-related or weather-related issue that could affect the flow of power. Fenix I.S.R. pilots launch drones to quickly identify affected areas and to safely guide repair crews to the affected areas. We are equipped with the highest-quality technology available. Our drones can fly in sustained winds up to 40mph and temperatures from -22°F to 122°F.

No matter what Mother Nature is doing outside, Fenix I.S.R. has the equipment that can withstand storms and help repair crews restore power quickly and safely. Contact us for more information.

Example of Services

Fenix I.S.R showing the range and capability of our premiere aerial inspection drone. It has an 8.1 mile range, 55-minute battery, and truly can fly in all weather. It would take a hail storm and nearly hurricane-force winds (55MPH) to keep this out of the sky. This system is complete with some of the very best cameras and thermal equipment on the civilian market.

Another look at some transmission lines during a demo. No need to hire a lineman for those fine details. Our Ranger Drone can safely do 30x optical zoom and 80x digital zoom. It can help you make sure the connections and other particular items are secure.

 Our clients sent us out during an ice storm when all aircraft were grounded. We received our clearance to fly in order to help locate downed power lines both in the city, and out in the rural areas where travel was very difficult. We utilized the Sky Ranger’s all-weather capabilities and flew for nearly 24 hrs straight with 2 separate aircraft. As you can see on the video, ice was a problem, even on the lens of the UHD camera. However, we were able to zoom through the buildup. Fenix I.S.R was able to help the utility company quickly get the power outage under control and safely guide the lineman to areas where they were needed.


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