What Sets Fenix I.S.R. Drones Apart From “Hobby” Drones?

Fenix I.S.R. in New Market, IA utilizes military-grade drones that are both all-weather capable and fully automated. In-depth knowledge of flight systems and aerial software are required to fly our systems. Hobby drones can be purchased fairly cheap and can be flown by anyone. Most hobby drones have great systems on board to help prepare and train pilots for future, upgraded systems like those used by Fenix I.S.R.

What Type of Wind and Weather Conditions Can the Fenix I.S.R. Drones Launch and Fly-In?

Our drones are truly all-weather capable.
They can be launched and flown in:

Temperatures from 122° down to -22°
Sustained 40mph winds with gusts up to 55mph
Snow, sleet, rain, and even freezing rain

The only weather condition the Sky Ranger cannot fly in is hailstorms.

What Sets Fenix I.S.R. Drones Apart From others?

The Sky Ranger has a control range of 6.2 miles and an average battery life (under optimal conditions) of 40 minutes flight time.


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